Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Hate Derby ?

I write this as Derby are playing Manchester Utd in the Carling Cup Semi Final.

And despite years of indoctrination down the City Ground I am finding it hard to want them to lose.
This has never been a problem before.

Am I going soft ?

OK I despise Man Utd, they epitomise everything that is wrong about football. How the beautiful game changed into the master plan to infect every 7 year old boy on every continent with the same fucking football top, despite the fact they have never been to a match.

Oops, Kris F... Commons has just scored a blinder, I need to refill my glass of red wine, I think I nearly punched the air. That is so wrong, this is Derby, I may hate Man Utd, but this is Derby County.

What could have brought on such strange emotions ?

Oh yes, that's right, so far tonight has highlighted 2 big mistakes by the 'senior management' at NFFC

1. Not hiring Nigel Clough before the sheep.
2. Selling Kris Commons to the sheep.

I'm sure both of these decisions were made for sound business reasons, but that is the problem with having 'business people' running football clubs, they know f**k all about football. 

So do we still hate Derby ? Bloody right we do, that is what football is all about, local rivalry. So I can't wait until the FA Cup 4th round match so we can beat hem good and proper. However, I still hope Derby beat Man Utd and I wish Nigel Clough all the luck in the world (but just not quite as much as Forest).

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